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Sail into battle and around the world, in both War and Peace, with the Royal Australian Navy, from its early Australian Colonial Era beginnings, Boxer Rebellion, WW1 & Gallipoli, WW2, Malaya, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and in other famous battles and campaigns.

Read about heroes and famous Australian Navy Officers and Sailors. Veterans personal accounts of battles and survival.

An abundance of Australian, British and Commonwealth Naval history, including Crossing The Line or Equator, The Rum Ration, Origins of the Navy, Pussers and its meaning, Jack Speak,naval jargon, nicknames and terminology, badgemen, Matelots, Pussers Bones or Mah Jongg, Uckers including rules, techniques and scoring.

View and read about items of Naval Memorabilia - ID Cards, Short Leave Cards. The Pussers Drivers License and more.

The Royal Australian Navy Today, its Order Of Battle, ships, submarines, naval aircraft and aviation, diving, including historic ship lists and pictorial histories or visit the armoury to see weapons, guns, missiles past and present.

Navy Ranks, Commissioned Officers and Non Commissioned Officers, Naval Rates, categories and jobs. Links to Navy Recruiting and branch requirements and descriptions.

'Spin Me A Dit' - Amusing everyday navy anecdotes of life in a blue suit, navy memorabilia, navy and nautical traditions, customs, phrases, songs, tunes, sea shanties, jokes, dits and jargon.

All New Photo Galleries of RAN Warships, Aircraft, Submarines, Establishments, both past and present. Sailors at work and at play. Weapons, Movies, Songs and much, much more

View nominal lists of ship's crews and honour rolls, with links to the Australian War Museum archives.

Navy Movie Theatre. Streaming Video Clips from famous navy movies and Australian Navy PR and Recruiting Campaigns of the past. Use the site internal search engine to search for a name. The Gun Plot Juke box also has some famous nautical songs and tunes on it you may like.

Play online (java) navy games such as Battleship and Missile Blaster. Watch and play with interactive shockwave flash movies.

Learn how to play Pussers Ludo, or 'Uckers' , Mahjongg or 'Pussers' Bones, download your own set of pussers rules!

Check Australian Tides, Weather, make nautical calculations online. Rope, cordage, blocks, tackles, beaufort wind scale, semaphore. Learn about the Ships Bell and how to tell time by Ship's Bell, Watches at sea, or Bosun's Call in The Nautical Section.

As this site is quite extensive if you are looking for something in particular, a name? a ship? Then please use the excellent Internal Site Search Engine provided in the left hand column menu, it is a very powerful and exclusive feature of Gun Plot and it actually works! Names on nominal lists, official numbers, ship numbers all can be input into the Site Search Engine.

The Gun Plot is a personal web site and is designed and maintained solely by a retired Chief Petty Officer Gunner, a veteran of 20 years experience at sea with the R.A.N. and has no official affiliation with the Royal Australian Navy, Department of Defence or Australian Government.

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